Trivia Night at Fleet Feet

21 10 2014

Join us for a night of trivia and beer hosted by Fleet Feet,  Balega, and Nuun! Put your thinking caps on, find a partner or 4 and see if you can win some sweet swag!

October 30


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Must-have Running Gadgets for Fall 2014

19 10 2014

Running is one of the most cost-effective sports there is– you really only need running shoes and some athletic apparel to hit the road and get in a workout. But there are a number of gadgets and accessories that can definitely enhance your run, making it more enjoyable, comfortable, and possibly even speedier.

Whether it’s keeping track of your pace or making sure you’re seen at night, there are several pieces of gear that can help runners get the most out of their training.

vivofit: We’ve all heard of FitBits, but the vivofit, designed by Garmin, is a little bit more sophisticated. Have you ever been curious about just how many steps you cover in a day?  Or maybe how many calories you have burned today?  The vivofit offers heart rate monitor capability along with sleep and activity tracking. Plus, it integrates with Garmin Connect for all you Garmin junkies out there.

GPS watches 2GPS watches: GPS watches from Garmin, Nike and Soleus offer runners the ability to see real-time pace, average pace per mile, distance and, in some cases, set intervals as well as see cadence and other metrics. Some of these watches are so intuitive they’ll basically all but go on your run for you.

LightSpur: A popular safety gadget this season from Nathan, these lights clip to the back of your shoe so that others can see you when running at night or early morning. There are also vests, handheld lights, clip-on apparel lights and other reflective options to stay safe in the dark.

Electronics Carry Cases: For those who carry a phone for music (or emergencies) on their run, arm bands and hand-held holders make it easy to carry your electronics with you.  Details that include additional storage, touch sensitive windows and size offerings make for several great options.

Flipbelt: From keys to Gu, a phone or even pepper spray, Flipbelts offer plenty of storage to carry just about anything you would need with you on a long run or race. Two entry points make it easy to insert items, then simply flip the belt over to keep them safe and secure while on yourOakley and Tifosi glasses 2 run.

Shades:  Tifosi and Oakley both offer models that provide polarized lenses to help reduce glare. Select models from Tifosi also come with multiple lenses to interchange depending on the sunlight and conditions.

Earbuds: If you choose to safely tune in and tune out while you run, you know it’s difficult to find comfortable headphones that stay in place. Yurbuds specializes in earbuds for athletes that come in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit.  Their unique design allows ambient noise to filter through your audio.

What are your go-to gadgets?

Fit Feature: Meet Leanna

2 10 2014

Photo on 2013-08-22 at 14.41Running has been Leanna’s saving grace over the past year. Despite her husband becoming critically ill, she completed her first half marathon and is now training for the Road Race Series and St. Jude. We’re proud to have her as part of the Fleet Feet family and want you to get to know a little bit more about this awesome athlete.

When did you get into running or walking?

I began walk/running with the Women Run Walk Memphis program 4 years ago.  I did the walking program the first year, beginning running the 2nd year, intermediate running the 3rd year and was fortunate enough to be able to help out as a coach with the walkers this year.

I did my first training program with Fleet Feet January 2, 2013 for the Germantown 5K. That was my first experience with pacers and being able to log my run/walking, which kept me accountable.  I completed that training, and then trained for the Oak Hall run.

What’s your motivation?

My husband became sick in October 2013 and was hospitalized. I was not able to train like I wanted to but was able to do a few more 5Ks.  In January 2014, I decided I wanted to walk/run the Germantown Half and signed up with Fleet Feet for that training program. By this time, my husband, David, had become more critically ill and doctors were discussing amputating his legs.  The training became a saving grace for me.  Marcia was always encouraging and my pacers (who were usually Dennese and Sarah) kept me going.   Unfortunately, I developed Planters fasciitis while training, so I walked the majority of the Germantown half (I did run the down hills some) but was so proud to finish it. Dennese and Sarah never left my side during the half and Marcia took a couple videos of me running and sent them to my husband who was still in the hospital. I guess you could say that David is my motivation for my run/walking.  I am mostly walking the Road Race Series and am pacing the walkers for the Pumpkin Run while training for the St. Jude Half.

Do you listen to music when you run?

I don’t listen to music when I run/walk because I like to use that time thinking or talking to whomever I am running with.  I do kind of freak out if I go off and forget my water bottle, which I seem to do periodically.

Do you know a runner/walker we should feature on our website and newsletter? E-mail us at

Halloween Fun Run with Brooks

2 10 2014


Join us Monday, October 20 for a special edition of our Monday Night Fun Run! Dress up in your best Halloween costume, and costume contest winners will be awarded a FREE race entry into the Heroes in Recovery 6k. Brooks Running will have nightlife vests and jackets as well as shoes to demo for the evening and other swag. Also Heroes in Recovery will be offering discounted registration ($10 off) for walk ups that evening.

The festivities will begin at 5:30pm, and the Fun Run will take off promptly at 6pm. Everyone and all paces welcome. Choose your own distance for the run– anywhere from 3-7 miles.

Celebrate Halloween early with Fleet Feet…it will be spooktacular!

They Only Thought You Were Crazy: Training for a 50K

29 09 2014

The 50K (31 miles) distance is the perfect transition for the marathoner into the wonderful world of ultramarathon distance runs.  In fact, there are even those of us who ran the 50K distance long before we ran our first marathon.  Some folks simply have more sense than others.  I’ll leave it to you all to discern who exactly has more sense.

Geographically speaking, Memphis is poised to give runners access to several wonderful events in the coming months.  Whether it’s the SwampStomper 50K in January, the Sylamore 50K in February, The Mississippi Trail 50K in March, or the Ouchita 50K in April; there is no shortage of opportunities to spend the day on some beautiful trails.

Training for a 50K trail run is quite similar to training for a marathon.  Slight modifications to the handling of long runs and lessened speed work volume mark the major differences in the training schedules.  Special considerations must be taken regarding the change in terrain (road vs. trail), greater specificity in hard workouts, and the amount of time spent on the trail.

Road vs. Trail – The five-mile difference between the marathon and the 50K is only made greater by the change in terrain.  The more technical or more difficult the trails, the greater that difference becomes.  Expect to spend more time on the trails than what the simple math of adding another 5 miles to your marathon time tells you.   I have heard it said as a general rule to expect a 50K to take 1.5 times your marathon time.  Again, the courses play an even more significant role than they do in the world of road marathons.  It is key to get off-road for your long runs and become accustomed to spending that time on your feet on the trails.  Shelby Forrest, Stanky Creek, Herb Parsons, and Shelby Farms all offer plenty of miles of trails to enjoy on your long efforts.

Specificity in Hard Workouts – While the 50K distance is not a speed-centric event for most of us, a good experience with the distance does require some specific harder workouts.  Training is training, there is no denying that whatever you do works to help accomplish a goal but there are two types of workouts that benefit the 50K runner most and those are tempo runs and hill workouts.

Tempo Runs – These are simply a steady effort over a specific time or distance that build both strength and speed.  Tempo runs are worked into the middle of a run providing an adequate warm up and cool down.  The pace should be somewhere between your 10K and ½ Marathon race efforts.  The duration of a tempo run is usually 20-45 minutes.  The duration of tempo runs increase as the training schedule progresses.

Hill Workouts – Memphis doesn’t exactly provide us with a plethora of hill training options so you may have to drive a bit or be creative (the treadmill) to make these workouts happen.  Hill workouts provide much needed strength and mental fortitude.  Like tempo runs, hill workouts can be integrated into a run to provide the needed warm up and cool down.  Find a hill that is 70-90 seconds long and run repeats of hard effort uphill and then jog back down to the bottom for recovery.  Repeat.  Hill workouts should consist of 6-10 repeats.

Long Runs – The long is without debate the single most important component of the 50K training program.  Long runs prepare you both mentally and physiologically for the task at hand.  Most of the time spent training will be spent on these runs.  Long runs also provide the opportunity to work through your gear choices, fueling options, and all the logistics that come with race day.   Back-to-back long runs are possibly the most effective strategy to prepare your body for race day.  A regular long run is followed the next day by a semi-long run on tired legs simulating the physical and mental stresses of covering 31 miles on trails.  The rhythm of these two runs will quickly become a part your weekly routine and the physical stresses of it easier to manage.

The key to success at any distance is to enjoy what you’re doing.  Training for a 50K is absolutely no different.  Hit the trails and simply enjoy some long days outside putting one foot in front of the other.  After all, that’s all there is to it, right?


Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total
1 Rest 6 4 6 Rest 13 6 35
2 Rest 6 5 6 3 15 7 42
3 Rest 5 6 5 Rest 18 7 42
4 Rest 6 4 5 Rest 14 6 35
5 Rest 5 6 5 Rest 16 8 40
6 Rest 5 8 4 3 20 5 45
7 Rest 6 6 5 3 14 6 40
8 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 22 8 50
9 Rest 4 7 6 Rest 18 10 45
10 Rest 4 8 6 Rest 14 8 40
11 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 20 10 50
12 Rest 4 8 3 Rest 13 6 34
13 Rest 6 6 5 Rest 24 5 46
14 Rest 4 6 5 Rest 14 6 35
15 Rest 4 5 3 Rest 12 6 30
16 Rest 4 3 Rest 2 50K 40


Notes on the training schedule:


Tempo Run – Remember to warm up and cool down for 5-10 minutes.


Hill Workout – Remember to warm up and cool down for 5-10 minutes.

Heroes in Recovery 6K

24 09 2014

Fleet Feet is proud to sponsor the Heroes in Recovery 6k coming up on November 8. Why a 6K? One kilometer for every letter in “heroes!”

The race starts downtown at Court Square. The course takes you through the downtown area of Memphis and along its riverfront to end back at Court Square Park. There will be awards presented to top three male and female participants, with both overall and age group winners. The awards ceremony will be followed by a free raffle with great prizes, activities and food for the whole family. Plus, you’ve probably never run a 6K before, which means an instant PR!

Click here to register.

More about the race

Heroes in Recovery 6kHeroes in Recovery is a movement ignited by Foundations Recovery Network and the widespread community of those who are in recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. We discovered that while 23 million people each year need help for addiction, only 3 million actually seek treatment. We’re looking for the other 20 million– those who may not be seeking help due to the overwhelming stigma that often surrounds substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Heroes in Recovery has a simple mission: to eliminate the social stigma that keeps individuals with addiction and mental health issues from seeking help, to share stories of recovery for the purpose of encouragement and inspiration, and to create an engaged sober community that empowers people to get involved, give back, and live healthy, active lives.

“How Do I Know When My Shoes Are Worn Out?”

18 09 2014


A frequent question we get around the store this time of year is, “How do I  know when my shoes are worn out?” Well, there are several ways to tell and keep track of when it’s time to freshen up your shoes.

1. Are they really flexible? If you can bend your shoes pretty easily, that means the cushioning is likely worn out.

2. Is the tread on the bottom worn? The cushioning and shock absorption in the mid-sole of the shoe will wear out before the durable sole of the shoe. If there’s extensive wear on the sole, you should consider replacing them.

3. Do you keep track of mileage? Most traditional running shoes last between 350-550 miles, depending on wear and tear and build of the runner. If you’re nearing the upper end of the recommended mileage, it’s probably time to invest in a new pair.

4. Having any unusual aches or pains? Your body usually does a good job of telling you when there’s not enough cushioning left in the shoes. Some people get lower back pain, others feel it in their shins or arches. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

5. Can you see creases in the cushioning? Eventually the cushioning will compress and won’t bounce back after a run or workout. Significant creases in the cushioning mean the mid-sole is worn out.

“But I’m running St. Jude! When should I buy another pair? Should I wait until after the race?”

We recommended purchasing a new pair about 1 month prior to race day. This will allow you to put some miles on the shoes without wearing them down significantly. You don’t want race day to be the first day you try out a new pair, but you don’t want to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles on a pair that’s on its last leg.

Have any questions about shoes or training? Come by and ask anyone on staff!


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