Running shoes and Walking shoes

25 10 2007

Do you carry walking shoes? The short answer to this question is “no.”

No, we do not carry walking shoes, although more than half of our customers would describe themselves as “just a walker.”
“I definitely do not run.”
“I only walk, so I probalby need walking shoes.”
“They’re better for walking, right?”

Here’s the difference between good running shoes and good walking shoes:
Running shoes are made with breathable mesh on top.
Walking shoes are made with white leather on top.

That’s it.

They cost the same (roughly).
They function the same — they support your foot and absorb shock while you move forward.

Some running shoe companies will take their best selling shoes, build them in all white leather, and call them “walking” shoes.
Cosmetically, they are “walking” shoes.
Functionally, they are “running” shoes.

There are some companies who build walking shoes that are fashion-driven shoes. These come in black, brown, stripes, etc. They go well with jeans and khakis. They don’t stand out so much when they’re worn in church — or in Europe. They do not have the cushioning, support, or width varieties that running shoes have.
These shoes are built for walking around.
They are not built for deliberate fitness walking.

So, no, we do not carry walking shoes.

But we do carry shoes that you can walk in.



One response

3 03 2011
Robbie Farris

Hi Fleet Feet!!
I just want to pass along a big Thank You for the Great Customer Service I received from your store. I have been running for almost 2 years now and many of my friends told me to visit Fleet Feet for new shoes. I have to say that I expected to pay more for the shoes because I felt Fleet was a specialty store. I was greeted by a very nice young lady who obviously knows way more than I do about running shoes. She put me into a nice pair of shoes, put me on the TM and filmed my gate, stride, foot fall or something. She listened to my likes and dislikes about shoe brands and my way of life after recovering from a back injury (read stupid ATV accident). She then recommended 3 pairs of shoes, all of which I tried on and ran in outside the store. I picked a nice pair of Brooks Defiyance 4’s and low and behold, paid the same amount for the shoes as I would have anywhere else!! Within a week I ran the Move It Memphis 10k and finished in a time of 58:34 (Garmin). Not too bad and slow for some but this was my first 10k to completly run the entire route, no walk breaks. Thanks goes to you and yours sales person (I apologize for not remembering her name). From now on all of my running shoes will come from your store.

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