Got 50lbs? Need $5k? UPDATE !

24 01 2008
The deadline has been extended. . .  
If you, or someone you know, or someone you know and love, has got an extra 50 (pounds) and could use an extra 5000 (dollars), there is still hope.
This is a chance to lose the weight, win the money, and, possibly, save a life.
Here’s the original post: 

Former USMC Drill Instructor and local fitness fanatic Tony Ludlow is tired of living in the fattest city in the fattest state in the fattest country in the world, so he’s producing his own Memphis version of the Biggest Loser.
It’s called “Combat the Fat,” and it’s a six-month challenge open to 10 people who need to lose at least 50 pounds and who are up for a chance to win $5000 if they succed.  If you or someone you know need to to lose 50 pounds, contact him asap — he’s only accepting applications until tomorrow!  For more information follow the link to the right and click on “Briefings and Updates Blog” on his home page.
Good Luck! 



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