Cold Saturdays

26 01 2008

We’ve all heard the jokes about Memphians and their fear of foul weather doom.  If the weatherman says that it might snow, or that there might be ice, or that the wind might blow, the city shuts down days before the catastrophe so that all may run to the grocery store to load up on milk, bread, and Apple Jacks.

The storm arrives, and cars careen — not into each other, but, rather, into ditches by the overpasses.  Or the sidewalks.

It’s business as usual here at the store today, though.  Runners are a hearty bunch.

The coffee is brewed, the music is playing, and folks are sharing their near-miss-while-running yarns.

So.  If you decide to brave the elements while the rest of Memphis keep tabs on their Tigers, drop by to have a cup and say “hello.”



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