Kids Shoes

7 02 2008

If you’ve been buying running shoes for a while, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve owned a pair of Saucony running shoes.  If you’ve bought a pair of Saucony running shoes recently, there’s a pretty good chance that you love those shoes because Saucony is building really great shoes right now.

This year, Saucony introduces shoes for kids in youth sizes.  These pint-sized Saucony Triumphs pack adult-level cushioning technology in smaller sizes with a price tag of about 1/2 of their adult counterparts, and they just arrived today.

Dressing your little Chase or Trip or Quick in their Chucks, checkered Vans, or plaid Tretorns is still tres chic, but those kicks are no good for running.

The girls’ even come in PINK!


Get ’em while you can!

The bad news is that Saucony will run out of them quickly. . . 

These shoes are built by an adult-size shoe building company — adult-sized shoes are their bread-and-butter business.  Last year, Saucony was purchased by Stride Rite, and that allowed them to expand their shoe selection.  Sure, they’re building a couple of kids shoes right now, but we  ordered them months ago on faith that they would actually make it to production.  We try to keep youth shoes in stock as we are able, but the companies who build them (Nike, Asics, and now Saucony) don’t build many of them.  Historcally, these (kids’) shoes will become more difficult to find as the year goes on.  So — the bad news is that they run out quickly.

The good news is (also) that they run out quickly.  This let’s those manufacturers know that there is a demand for kids shoes and that they should build more good quality, techinal running shoes for younger runners.  The fact that Saucony is introducing these shoes is one sign that they’re listening.  Next year, Brooks will introduce some, too.   The industry may not change in time for young Dash to have a large selection of running shoes before he gets to size 7, but it might make a difference by the time his sister, Sprint, decides to take up running.

Did we mention that the girls’ come in PINK?



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