Whew, what a night.

7 02 2008

Many Memphis Runners know the mother-son team of Jane and Jeff.  They are frequent members of the cast of characters found at most of our local 5Ks.  In training, he’s a little faster that she, so she often rides her bike or rollerblades alongside him, and at races you can find her at the finish line waiting to catch up with him as he crosses.

Jane lives here in Memphis, but Jeff, until Tuesday, lived and worked around the corner from Union University in Jackson and experienced the same level of disaster.  He escaped with his wallet and with the clothes on his back.  Jane went to pick him up Tuesday night and said that navigating the roads to was horrifying but that she was able to bring him back home safely.  Still shaken from the evening, they Jane stopped by to replace Jeff’s shoes and socks to prepare for the running season to come.

It is great news to hear of the safety of our friends, and it’s been a pleasure “catching up” with old freinds who have “checked in” on their friends in Memphis.  Our thoughts go out to those folks whose lives have been tossed by the storms of Tuesday night.



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