Last minute Valentine’s Day

13 02 2008

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift?

We’re looking out for you. . .  and it couldn’t be any easier.

The Nike Tempo Short is the number 1 selling running short in all the land, and we have all sizes in stock.  Pick up a pair of black tempo shorts with berry colored stripes, and they’ll match perfectly with a white or berry top.  The tops are $50, the shorts are $28.  It’s a slam-dunk (that’s basketball jargon for no-brainer), and if she doesn’t like the outfit — though she will — exchanging it is a snap!

Need some icing on that cake?  Pink toe socks from Injinji.  They are sooo cute — and great for running, too! 


A new watch is always a good bet if you seek a gift for your guy.

Even if he’s got a watch for running that he loves, he doesn’t need to wear that piece of his running attire all of the time.  Need more evidence?  The watch display case is the place where every man goes when he says “I’m just looking.”



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