Women Run Memphis

29 05 2008

Hey Ladies!

Have you ever looked out your front window, watched someone jog by, and wish that you could do that, too?

If only someone would help you get started, you know that you could do it!

But some of those people seem to run so fast.  Or they run too far.  Isn’t there someone who can give me the guidance or the nudge that I need?  And must I wear those tiny little shorts?

You have one month from this Monday to prepare your new life.

On Monday, June 30th, at 5:30 pm, this years’ Women Running and Walking program will kick off at the Agricenter in Germantown.  There are coaches, there are mentors, are there are training groups designed for every level of runners (and walkers, too!).  It’s a 10-week program, taking place on Monday nights this summer, that culminates with a women’s-only 5K on September 6th at Audubon Park.

How insane is that?  It’s not-a-bit insane!

And it’s free!

Bring your sister — bring a friend — come by yourself and meet some folks!  But don’t bring your husband or your boyfriend.  This is only for the ladies.


You’ve one month to clear your Mondays from June 30th through August 25th.  Mark the calendar, and prepare your family and friends today!  This fall, you could be that woman jogging down the street, inspiring another woman to do the very same thing.

For more information, give us a ring or click here.



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