Bartlett Park Ultras

30 06 2008

Anyone interested in volunteering for or participating in the Bartlett Park Ultras at Stanky Creek on August 2nd?  If you are, there is a volunteer run on July 26th (the weekend before the race).  With many ultra-distance events, it is common to have a “practice” run before the event so that volunteers and interested participants can become familiar with the course without feeling any pressure to “race.”  Since this is a practice run, there won’t be as many bells and whistles as on race day, but there will be water and gatorade in the start/finish area and cold water at one point on the course.

For folks who may not know, an ultra-distance run is any run longer than marathon distance.  Examples of some typical ultra-distances are 50k (yes, that’s 10 5k’s), 50 mile, 100k, 100 mile, 12-hour, 24-hour, and on.  Events that might go beyond 24 hours usually have cut-off times for the safety of the participants and for the consideration of the generous volunteers.  Interested in ultras?  You can find a good article by clicking here.

The Bartlett Park Ultras is a great opportunity if you’re interested in testing your endurance.  The Stanky Creek trails combine to make a clover-leaf shaped route that allows great accessibility for support crews and frequent aid stations.  For more information click here:


On a related note:

The Western States Endurance Run was cancelled last weekend due to threatening wild fires.  Our hearts go out to all the folks who trained for “Western States,” to the volunteers who had arranged their lives and set aside time, and to the race directors who were forced to make a difficult decision.  A number of mid-south locals have trained for over a year either to run the full 100 miles from Sqaw Valley to Auburn, CA, or to pace a buddy to the finish line in what is regarded by many as the equivalent to the “Boston Marathon” among ultrarunning events.



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