This just in — Once a Runner

10 11 2008

Once a Runner, by John L. Parker, has hit the mainstream once again!

For the last few years, this cult running classic was only available from sources like ebay and for prices ranging from $50-$500.  Some tattered, dog-eared copies get passed from one runner to the next.  Others are bequeathed.  We used to keep a copy on display under glass, and seekers of this particular grail would frequently place bids – to no avail.

No longer is this the situation!  Our new, hard-cover, copies of Once a Runner are in full view on our shelves just in time for the holidays, and your friendly Fleet Feet Sports store will be one of the few places on the planet to find it (until it’s official release in April, 2009).

OAR is perfect for the runner (or the once a runner) who has everything.

And it only costs 24 bucks.



2 responses

10 11 2008
Quenton Cassidy

I approve.

16 12 2008
Coach Doobey

Back again!? We’ll make sure you and your story get expelled AGAIN.

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