2 12 2008

If you’ve been running for a while, chances are that you’ve tried on a pair of shoes built by Brooks.  (If you’ve never run — or walked for fitness — chances are reduced that you’ve ever worn Brooks shoes ’cause they don’t build shoes for basketball, or tennis, or volleyball, or golf, etc.)

Brooks has always been a different kind of running shoe company.  Brooks at one time “owned” the entry-level shoe market.  Way entry level.  You have to sell a whole lot of $30 shoes to stay in business, and, consequently, they almost went out of business.

About ten years ago (this timeline might be a little off), though, that changed.  New ownership re-focused the brand on technical running shoes, and, as a result of that dedication, Brooks is now one of the most popular running shoe brands in the market.  This tiny shoe company often tops the lists in terms of running shoe market share.

Brooks has recently launched “Dream,” a virally-spread animated video.  You’ve received links to viral videos before (remember that link that your aunt sent that led you to a video of a monkey sneezing or that your college buddy sent that led you to ObamaGirl?).

The Dream film follows an imaginary path that “one woman takes as she envisions her ideal run.”  Every time the video is viewed at www.brooksrunning.com or on YouTube, Brooks will make a donation to breast cancer research.

Click on the Dream — enjoy it.  Think about your own ideal run.  Smile & laugh.

Then, share it with another running enthusiast and help contribute to a charity.

P.S.  If you enjoyed “Dream,” here are links to an animated viral video that Brooks did a few years ago called “What is Life.”  Enjoy! 

“What is Life” on YouTube“What is Life” on Brooks Running.



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