Germantown 1/2 Marathon Water Stop

14 03 2009

Y’all come and see us!

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow morning and running a half-marathon isn’t your thing, come join us at our aid station just north of the corner of Kimbrough and Farmington in Germantown.  The runners will begin coming by around 7:45, and the police will have the roads blocked by 7-ish, so make it there by then.  We’ll have hot coffee for all, and we’re usually done around 10:30.

If you’ve never done a 1/2 marathon, this is a great event to watch!  Helping others to achieve their goals is a great way to motivate and inspire yourself to push yourself a little further or faster.

Take care, and See you there!



7 responses

21 03 2009
Vince Perryman

Didn’t you jokers run out of Energy Gels at your stop?! Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are a dealer of these right…..doesn’t look to good guys….get your act together or I’ll take my business to the local guys.

21 03 2009

You must have our station confused with another. While we do carry energy gels at our store, our aid station served HEED and water to the participants.

We did run out of HEED, but we were limited to supplies provided by the race organizers. The issue has been raised to the race director, and he has assured us that there will be more next year.

Take care,
Eric “a local guy”

23 03 2009

Great job at the water stop. Can’t wait to race in the Brooks I bought the day after G’town 1/2 at Fleet Feet.

Run on.

2 04 2009
Tom Webb

Thanks for the stops. A frequent store visitor, seeing you guys on the half course was like seeing old friends and certainly friendly faces. Started running again after 10 yrs of nothing serious. Visiting you guys in the store did a lot to get me inspired again. I hit my goal and have set another. See you soon. Tom

2 04 2009

Hey Tom,
Glad to hear you had a great race! We were happy to help — especially on such a beautiful morning.
Take Care,

30 12 2009
The Real Vince Perryman


I googled my name this morning to check on my websites and came across this thread. It came as a great surprise to see a post under my name as I was not at this race. I did not post that first comment and would request that it be removed. If that isn’t possible I would like to say that your store has always provided not only great customer service but an excellent water stop at the Germantown Half. I wish there was a way to know who this impersonator is, but some people prefer to hide in the shadows.

All the Best,

Vince Perryman

30 12 2009
Todd Moroney

Vince, I think you would know that “it doesn’t look to good” is not the correct use of the word “to”. Maybe they can get an IP address

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