Garmin 310XT Update

3 07 2009

310XTs, as of July 1st, were beginning to arrive at Garmin and to turn around and be shipped to retailers who already have them on backorder.  Newly placed orders will probably not arrive to retailers until early in August.

We were lucky to get our hands on an early model and to peruse its features for a few minutes this week.  The band is a more traditional sport watch band, but if you are planning on the 310XT being smaller than the 405 or the 205/305, you will be disappointed.  The screen is large and is easy to read, but the extended battery life (up to 20 hours) translates into a thicker body.  This will probably not be something to wear as a daily watch.

One great feature of the 310XT is the vibrating alarm.  For someone with difficulty hearing the beep of a watch or for those who workout in groups, the device can be set to vibrate rather than beep when laps are recorded or when heart-rate zones are exceeded.  Like a phone set on “vibrate” – but much stronger.

We will update here when more information becomes available or when they arrive.



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