New Nike+ Sportband

25 09 2009

The updated Nike+ Sportband has arrived!

Nike+ First Generation

Nike+ First Generation

Last year, Nike introduced the first Sportband to accompany the popular iPod-linked systems, and, although it was an initial success, time proved that the device had some flaws.   The black backgroud and gold digits were difficult to read.  The seal around the face wasn’t effectively “sealed” and moisture eventually wreaked havoc with the display and its ability to download the information it had recorded.  Nike ultimately pulled the product from shelves and participation in its planned 08-08-08 worldwide race was somewhat diminished.

Nike+ SportBand 2009

Nike+ SportBand 2009

This summer, the improved Nike+ Sportband finally arrived, and it has some vast improvements.  The face is now a more easily read LCD which is fully sealed, and it comes in two colors (with more expected later).  So far, none of our experience with this new version leads us to believe that the bugs from the first generation will occur with the second (but is it too early to tell?).  Rumor has it that Nike will eventually add a heart-rate monitoring version of the SportBand system since their previous speed/distance/HR systems are no longer in production.

Nike+ 002At $60, it is a much more affordable means to track your speed and distance when compared with GPS units which typically run $300-350.  The kit includes a sensor that fits into the midsole of most Nike running shoes or it can be attached to the laces of non-Nike shoes with a small pouch.  With technology similar to that used in a Wii handheld device, the sensor determines your speed and transmits it to the Sportband which is keeping track of your time.  While your running or walking, the user can scroll through the screen and see his/her current pace, total time, total distance, and calories burned.

After the workout, the face of the Sportband pops off of the wristband and plugs into the USB port of your computer allowing you to download your workout to a free Nike Plus account which is accessed through iTunes.  Your NikePlus account can be used to simply keep track of your personal history, or, if you like, you can compete in contests with other Nike+ users around the world.  Another Human Race 10K is scheduled for 10-24-09!

Nike+ 001Release of the new Nike+ SportBand has been limited, but we have plenty of them in stock.  Drop by and check ’em out soon – if you wait until the holidays, they may be difficult to find.



2 responses

14 11 2009
Tom Kolodziej

is the “pouch” for the Nike+ system and non-Nike shoes effective? I’ve had to run with the Nike+ shoes the past 2 years, and quite frankly, I miss my Asics. I’ve logged over 1,000 miles in the past 2 years, and it’s pretty much due to the Nike+ running system. I’d LOVE to go back to Asics, and I could use some new kicks (over 400 miles on the current pair).



Tom Kolodziej

16 11 2009


Thank you for posing this great question!

Before shoe pouches hit the market, we had one customer who used a Dremel tool to create a notch in the midsole of his non-Nike shoes – a little drastic, but it worked! Thankfully, there are now good alternatives to modifying your shoes in the workshop.

We have carried the “Shoe Pouch” from Grantwood Technology for a few years and have had great success with it. It is a little pouch with a velcro closure that attaches through the laces of your shoes. My own good personal experience with the Nike Plus system has been very consistent whether I’ve used it in my Nike shoes or on the variety of other shoe brands that I use on the roads and trails.

Our experience it that the Shoe Pouch is effective enough to use on whatever shoe you like.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

May you run like the wind!


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