Keeping you ahead of the pack with Timex TapScreen

6 10 2009

The new Timex Sleek 150 with TapScreen technology has released, and we are one of the first places on the planet to have it in stock!

Timex Sleek 150-Lap with TapScreen Technology

Timex Sleek 150-Lap with TapScreen Technology

It seems that touch screen technology is popping up everywhere these days, and your wrist is next.  Timex’s first introduction of touch, called TapScreen, arrives with the new Sleek 150-lap.  Do you feel like your pace slows a bit while you find the “lap” button on your watch?  The whole face of this watch, which also happens to be Timex’s largest display, is a TapScreen which allows you to easily record your laps without breaking your stride.  The sensitivity of the screen can even be adjusted depending on the ferocity of the user!  Also of note are its bank of interval timers:  use as few as two timers to alternate separate run/walk intervals or use up to 16 separate, labeled, interval timers and design a complete workout.  The Sleek 150 also boasts hydration (DRINK) and nutrition (EAT) reminder alarms that can countdown and repeat concurrently with the chronograph.

Pictured here is the full-size, but it comes in a mid-size, too, for smaller wrists.  ($90)



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31 03 2010
Lee Smitherman

Just wanted to say thank a million to the dude with the earring. You’ve really helped reignite my passion for the sport of running/jogging by helping me find the perfect pair of shoes to rid me of shin splints for good. Used to have shin splints the next day that would be sore for a week afterwards with a neutral density shoe. After my first run with my new shoes two days ago NO SHIN SPLINTS AND NO SORENESS! I went with a New Balance dual density shoe. The people at fleetfeet really care! Thanks again! -Lee

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