Last minute running around

23 12 2009

If today and tomorrow have you running around trying to check gifts off of your list (or if you haven’t a list, and need some ideas) here are some items to consider:

Stocking stuffers:

  • Brighten their shoes with a reflective Smart Id shoe tag ($3.50)
  • Decorate their car with a running lifestyle license plate cover ($6) or window stickers ($1.50)
  • Pamper their feet with merino wool running socks from Smartwool ($16), a staff favorite!
  • Running lights for visibility in the dark or headlamps to light their way ($13-16)
  • Nike Sportband to track their speed/distance/calories ($60)
  • Timex TapScreen watch with touch screen features to keep their time without breaking stride ($90)
  • Gift card to cover their next pair of shoes ($100-150)
  • Many more!

Under the tree:

  • For the early morning or late evening runner – Saucony Optech LX running shirt in high-viz orange with an included light for running in the dark($60)
  • For the running reader – cult classic Once a Runner, by John L. Parker ($24)
  • For the runner who gets cold – Sugoi Speedster hoody ($100)
  • For the versatile runner – Nike jacket that converts to a vest on the go ($100)
  • For the runner with “everything” – Garmin Forerunner 405 or 405CX ($300-360)
  • For the triathlete – Garmin Forerunner 310XT ($300-350 after $50 rebate good until 12-31-09)
  • Need more ideas? Drop in and ask anyone for help!

Next to the tree:

No need to panic… We’re here to help. Drop by to browse and shop, and, while you’re here, have a cookie and some coffee, listen to some Christmas tunes, and enjoy the spirit of the season!



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