$50 Rebate on Garmin 405

1 02 2010

Beginning today (February 1st) and through the end of May (May 31st), Garmin is offering a $50 “Train and Save” rebate on all of their 405 models.  This includes the original black and green 405s and the blue 405CX. A copy of the rebate form can be found here.

The Garmin 405 series sets the standard for wrist-worn GPS speed/distance systems.  It is a convenient tool for gauging pace, mapping routes, recording elevation change, and monitoring heart rate (this feature is optional).  It has a virtual training partner to keep you on pace, it automatically records your mile splits, and, with heart rate monitoring, it can keep you training at the appropriate intensity.  The 405CX estimates calorie consumption more accurately and comes with additional Velcro replacement watch bands that help it fit better on larger or smaller wrists (as pictured here).  All of the models use wireless transmission to send your workouts to your computer so you can see where you’ve gone, how long it tooks, and how tough it was!

The standard 405 is $300.  The 405 heart rate bundle is $350.  The 405CX heart rate bundle is $370.

For more information visit the Garmin 405 page or drop by Fleet Feet Sports!



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