Training Smarter Just Got Easier

28 05 2010

Forerunner 110 in Black/Red, Gray/Pink, and Black/Gray

If the grocery list of features included on a GPS watch has seemed technically daunting or altogether unnecessary, your simple, yet extremely accurate, solution has arrived!

Introducing the Garmin Forerunner 110:  three GPS watches (we call them “watches” rather than “devices” because, unlike their predecessors, they are the size of a traditional sports watch) that only have three screens to navigate.  The first screen indicates date and time of day.  The second indicates distance, exercise time, and pace.  The third indicates distance, heart rate, and pace.

Time & Date

Exercise Time

Heart Rate

After your workout, connect your watch to your computer (either PC or Mac) and save your workout – time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned –  in a free online log, called Garmin Connect, where you can view information of past runs including maps and elevation of the routes.

Sample of post-run analysis using Garmin Connect

A great feature of the Garmin 110 is the addition of HotFix technology.  If there was a frustration about previous Forerunners, it was with the satellite connection time.  Not a big complaint on a beautiful day – who doesn’t mind waiting for an extra minute or two?  On a day that’s really rainy or really cold or really hot, however, you’re really ready to get going once you get out the door.  And, if you’re running with a group, it can be, er, awkward to be “that guy” who asks the group to pause while his watch “connects.”  HotFix satellite prediction locks onto satellites more quickly so you can go when you are ready rather than when your watch is ready.

The Black/Red ($250) (considered the men’s version) and the Gray/Pink ($250) (considered the women’s version) both come bundled with a heart rate monitoring strap that wirelessly transmits your heart rate in beats per minute to the watch.  If you’re not so much into the heart rate monitoring or if you already own an Ant+ enabled strap, the Black/Gray ($200) does not come bundled with a heart rate strap and will save you fifty bucks.  If you change your mind later, though, you can purchase a compatible Garmin strap ($70) that will work just fine.

(Hint:  this might just be the perfect Father’s Day gift!)



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