Re-stocking the book shelves

13 07 2010

Needing to get away from your summer list of beach reads?  It might be time to take a break with some great books about running.  Keep inspired and get motivated with four of our favorites which are now back in stock:  Pre, Runner’s Rule Book, The Last Pick, and My Life on the Run.

Pre by Tom Jordan.  164 pages about University of Oregon track star Steve Prefontaine, this is the only biography chronicling the brief but brilliant life of  America’s greatest running legend.  It includes over 70 phenomenal photos of Pre, a complete listing of his times, and sidebars about him written by his contemporaries.

The Runner’s Rule Book by Mark Remy.  This little gem is not a USATF pocketbook outlining the rules governing running competitions but rather is a lighthearted listing of the (often unspoken) rules of everyday running.  A couple personal favorites are Rule 2.32 – Do whatever it take to finish ahead of a costumed runner and Rule 3.2 – Before you remove new running shoes from the box, you must smell them (they mostly smell like “potential”).

The Last Pick by David McGillivray.  Always the last pick for team sports, as a young man, David drove himself to excel at individual sports.  David has run across the country, competed in over 100 marathons, and is the race director for the Boston Marathon.  “I truly believe that every person on this planet has ability.  It just takes guts to find out what that ability is and to draw it out.” – David McGillivray.

My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso.  Ever heard of Yasso 800s?  This is that Yasso.  It includes stories from his life, how he invented the 800s, and “perfect” plans for training and racing distances from 5K to marathons for both the newbie and the hard-core runner.



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