Drinking and Running

14 07 2010

Water out – water in.

You exercise – you sweat.   Simple as that.  Sweating is how your body regulates temperature, and it’s one way that your body loses excessive heat.

Your body needs water for more functions than  sweat, however.  Operation of key organs – heart, brain, kidneys, for instance – can all cease to function properly if your body starts running out of water.  (As a matter of precaution, for example, some long-distance races will weigh participants along the course, and, if they’ve lost too much weight, they are forced to pause and rehydrate.)  Your body is actually sweating all of the time, but, when you’re at rest, the sweat production is low enough that fluid and electrolytes are reabsorbed.  When your body heats from exercise, though, sweat production is high, and it pushes through ducts from your sweat glands to your pores and follicles.  When that sweat evaporates, it cools the skin.

Take some water along for the run.  Flavor it with gatorade or something similar if you like.   At Fleet Feet Sports, we have lots of tasty additives to make your water something more.

“I’m not thirsty.  Why should I do this?”  If you waited for your plants to tell you they’re thirsty before you watered them, what would they look like?  This isn’t a process of “I’m thirsty, so I’m going to get something to drink.”  Think instead of your body’s cooling process and organ function:  “I’m exercising and sweating, so I’m going to drink.”  Water out – water in.

But how do you carry the water on the run?  Do you could carry a water bottle in your hand?  You could, but gripping the bottle will fatigue your arm over time.  You might end up being mistaken for a pro-bowler with one overdeveloped arm!  We have an assortment of alternatives.  We have hydration belts that have an insulated pocket that the bottle rests in.  “But I don’t like to have things around me…”  We also have hand-held bottles that strap to the palm of your hand so you don’t have to grip the bottle.  (We have those in insulated versions, too, if you like to keep your fluid cold.)  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of hands!

After your run, continue to drink – water is still going out, and you have to put it back in.



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