Tax Free Weekend!

2 08 2010

The coming weekend (Aug 6-8th) is Sales Tax Holiday weekend for the State of Tennessee, and, from shoes to shirts (and much more), many of the items we carry will fall into the tax-free category!

At the website of the Tennessee Department of Revenue, there is a long, itemized list designating which items are taxable and which are not.  Following are some highlights as they apply to our little shop of running.

Non-taxable items:

  • running and walking shoes ($100 or less)
  • socks and inserts
  • sandals
  • running apparel including shorts, shirts, pants, jackets, and sport bras
  • hats, caps, mittens, and gloves
  • backpacks and bags
  • belts

Taxable Items:

  • Cross-country and track spiked shoes
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Sunglasses
  • Watches

Each year, we receive a few phone calls from folks wondering if we are participating in the Tax Free Weekend, and the answer is “Yes.”  Every retail business in the state of Tennessee participates.

We also receive numerous questions related to who is making the purchase or for whom the products are intended, i.e.  Do they have to be school supplies for my child?  Are only shoes for school-age children exempt?  The answer is “No.”  As long as the items being purchased are on the list and do not cost more than $100, anyone may make a tax-free purchase.

Click here for an alphabetical listing of all taxable and non-taxable items.

Click here for a one page summary list.

Historically, this is an extremely busy weekend at our store – please be patient if there is a wait for help.  We have a very talented and dedicated (albeit small) staff.  If you like, you may come in prior to this weekend, and we can put your items on hold for purchase on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

It’s hot out there – be sure to take care!

See you soon!



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