Race Day Checklist

23 11 2010

race day gear

Inspired by Coach Kevin’s course preview last night, we’ve created a couple of checklists to help you be prepared for the St. Jude race weekend.

The more planning that you can do in advance, the fewer surprises or problems you’ll have as race day approaches.  Reducing potential problems will calm nerves.  Calmed nerves contribute to a confident aura.  At this point, additional training won’t help you on race day, but additional preparation can be a huge asset.  Start executing your successful race plan today!


Bag check gear. There will be an attended bag check area inside Autozone Park where you may leave a bag with your post-race supplies.  Here’s a list of things you might pack.

  • a towel – you’re going to be sweaty when you finish, and a dry towel will be nice to have before you put on your…
  • dry, warm clothes – from undies to a jacket, you will want to shed your sweaty clothes asap (especially if it is really cold)
  • soap – you will need it if you plan to use the Autozone Park showers
  • water bottle filled with a recovery liquid that you like – there will be race-provided fluids, but you might prefer your own
  • comfort food snack – there will be race-provided food, too, but, if you prefer peanut m&ms or a granola bar, pack it
  • $20 (or some small amount of cash) – you may not need it, but you will have it

Race day gear. Here’s a list of things to consider setting out on St. Jude Eve:

  • tested and proven running socks and shoes (and inserts if you use them) – brand new shoes/socks are a no-no
  • tried and true shirts, shorts, or pants – that shirt you found at the expo is cute, but today is not the day to wear it
  • Bodyglide – helps prevent chafing and blisters
  • GU (or other carbohydrate gel) – if you train with it, you should race with it
  • race number belt – some prefer a lightweight belt to pins in their shirt
  • lightweight hat/gloves – help keep you warm at the start and can be tucked away when/if you warm up
  • old sweats – if it’s a cold race morning, you’ll want warm, but disposable, clothes at the starting line.  If you don’t have sweats to get rid of, get some…
  • new, cheap sweats – worry not about fashion or technology (you just want to stay warm while waiting for the starting gun)
  • big garbage bag – if it’s raining at the start, cut hear and arm holes and stay dry

Additional highlights/reminders from last night’s presentation:

  • Plan to get downtown very early – no later than 6:30am.
  • Don’t use Union Ave. to get downtown.  Traffic will get more congested the closer you get to the race site.
  • If you’re running the 1/2 marathon or the 5k, remember that it will be difficult to drive out of the center of downtown due to road closures.
  • Get your good luck kisses and hugs earlier than later so you can focus on your race.  Course maps are published here.  Show loved ones where/when to cheer for you.
  • If you shed clothes while you’re running, throw them out of the way of the runners behind you.
  • After finishing, walk around to cool down and to avoid “locking up.”  Eat something when you can.
  • Arrange for a rendezvous point for loved ones after the race.  Kevin suggested the Autozone Park courtyard.

If you missed last night’s live presentation, much of the course preview information can be found on Coach Kevin’s blog at Can’t Stop Endurance.

Good luck and may you run like the wind!



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