Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

26 04 2011
Nike+ Sportband GPS

Nike+ Sportband GPS

The Nike Sportband and all of it’s Plus variations have been tracking speed, distance, and calories for a few years, but very soon, Nike’s answer to GPS will arrive here at Fleet Feet Sports.

Garmin and Timex have been building wrist-worn GPS system for a while, and, technology aside, one of the complaints we hear most often regards the large size of the devices and the complexities of the user interfaces.  Nike’s system is much smaller than those and looks less like a computer on your wrist.  It’s an edgier look that is, well…  cool.

Aside from looks, though, how is it different?  The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is full of the fun “Plus” personality.  It integrates into the Plus genre giving you “attaboys” and the post-workout feedback that Plus users have grown accustomed to.  It uses the same simple dashboard to program user preferences, and it’s few buttons and tap screen are easy to use.  Plug in the Sportwatch with the integrated USB to download your data, and your history is transmitted and store (for free) in your own workout log at

An advantage of the Sportwatch’s Nike+ roots is that it also works with the Nike+ Sensor that can be inserted in or attached to your shoe.  If the Sportwatch cannot find a GPS signal or if you’re running indoors, it can still record your speed and distance by using the Plus Sensor.  (Mapping is disabled when the sensor is in use, but who needs a map of a treadmill workout, anyway?!)

The Sportband’s general release is in July, however, we were scheduled to be one of the first brick-and-mortal places on planet Earth to have them (on/around May 1st).  It is our understanding that out shipment is being shortly postponed because Phil Knight is giving them away on the Oprah show today.

Want more info?  Click here.



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8 07 2011
Lacey, Physical Fitness trainer

Looking forward to trying this thing out very soon.

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