Sales Tax Holiday!

4 08 2011

The coming weekend (Aug 5-7th) is Sales Tax Holiday weekend for the State of Tennessee, and, from shoes to shirts (and much more), many of the items we carry will fall into the tax-free category!

At the website of the Tennessee Department of Revenue, there is a long, itemized list designating which items are taxable and which are not.  Following are some highlights as they apply to our little shop of running.

If you’re a member of the Memphis Runners Track Club, that’s almost a 20% discount on most purchases!

Non-taxable items:

  • running and walking shoes ($100 or less)
  • socks and inserts
  • sandals
  • running apparel including shorts, shirts, pants, jackets, and sport bras
  • hats, caps, mittens, and gloves
  • backpacks and bags
  • belts

Taxable Items:

  • Cross-country and track spiked shoes
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Sunglasses
  • Watches

Click here for an alphabetical list of exempt and taxable items.

This atypical weekend is typically a very busy one for us.  We ask that you be patient if there is a waiting time.   Our full staff (plus a few former employees) are working and are doing our best to provide the high level of service that you have come to expect from us.

See you soon!



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