Tips for Beginner Runners

19 08 2011

With the Women’s Run/Walk Memphis program and the Memphis Runners Road Race series in full swing, we wanted to put together a list of our best tips for beginner (and seasoned!) runners.

1. Before you hit the pavement, invest in the right gear. Proper running shoes, wick-away socks and breathable clothing will make running much more pleasant and may even help prevent injuries and pain.

2. Sign up for a race. Having a goal will help you stay on track with training.

3. Remember there are going to be days when your runs don’t go so well. But a bad run is always better than no run at all.

4. Find a running partner or training group. For those days when you don’t feel like running, it’s great to have someone hold you accountable.

5. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water before, during and after your run to make sure you’re properly hydrated.

6. Grab some Body Glide. This will help with blisters and chafing.

7. Keep a training diary to evaluate progress. Keeping a record will help motivate you to stay on top of training.

8. It’s okay to take walk breaks! If you feel like you need a short breather, take a minute and stop.

9. Build rest days into your training. Rest days are just as important as training days.

10. Have fun!

May you run like the wind!




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