Brooks PureProject

20 09 2011

PureProject - Coming October1st!

In an effort to enhance the running experience, Brooks has developed a new line of unique footwear that offers the principles and fundamentals of minimalism without sacrificing protection.  Join us over the next few days as we preview each of the four shoes that create this exciting, new category from Brooks Sports!

The guiding concept for the PureProject is the essence of Feel.  The PureProject has been created to encourage a more organic, connected relationship between runner and the world beneath.  Imagine your daily training shoe as a plush, luxury sedan and the PureProject as a fleet of high-performance sports cars.  Most days call for plush, but there are times when a bit of speed and a few hair-raising turns are totally called for.  That time is now.

First up, we have the PureCadence!

Men's PureCadence

Women's PureCadence

The PureCadence  delivers more support than other PureProject shoes through smart, streamlined features such as the new Nav Band that’s locked in to the lateral strike pod.  A reinforced heel counter secures the foot and the internal Progressive Diagonal RollBar, a feature exclusive to the PureCadence, helps prevent overpronation.  The PureCadence gives runners who need more stability the chance to experience the feel of a natural foot strike with a lightweight, breathable shoe.

All of this is to say join us on October 1st for the official launch of the Brooks PureProject and try a pair for yourself!



3 responses

20 09 2011
Jeff Castro

Ima have to check this out! Might have to be my first Brooks CrossFit shoe.

20 09 2011

Hey Jeff! A lot of folks are finding success with minimal shoes like these for their CrossFit workouts. They may very well be a great fit for you!

– Eric

27 09 2011
Brooks PureProject: PureGrit « Fleet Feet Sports

[…] week we talked about the PureCadence, this week we’re discussing the PureGrit, another shoe in the new line of minimal shoes from […]

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