Brooks PureProject: PureGrit

27 09 2011

Coming October 1st!

Last week we talked about the PureCadence, this week we’re discussing the PureGrit, another shoe in the new line of minimal shoes from Brooks.

The PureGrit certainly has all of us here at Fleet Feet Sports most excited about the PureProject offerings.  Designed with the help of Scott Jurek, the PureGrit is a minimal trail shoe designed to let you feel the trail and connect with your run and environment.  The value of a trail running shoe is measured in its ability to provide protection from terrain but also allow for a nimble, responsive ride.  The PureGrit’s value is easily discerned within these criteria but also in the fact that it provides all of this at a trim 8.9 oz.  That’s roughly the same weight as a newborn Clouded Leopard.  What’s the relevance?  Nothing at all.  Baby Clouded Leopards are just so cute.

Brooks Pure Grit--coming October 1st!

The PureGrit’s innovative design allows you to feel more with less.  Brooks developed a unique one-piece outsole that has a concave shape capable of splaying out as forces are applied allowing for a more balanced, more stable ride.  An ultralight mesh and conforming foam upper provide a fit that hugs the foot and provides a secure ride.  We all cannot wait to hit the trails in a pair.

Want more information on the PureGrit? Check out this video. And be sure to stop by October 1 for the launch of the Brooks PureProject and try a pair for yourself!



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