Part III – PureFlow and PureConnect

30 09 2011

Finally, with the release date less than a day away, we come to the Brooks’ “neutral” offerings in the Pure Project.

Men's PureFlow

Women's PureFlow

The PureFlow is the choice for the runner who’s used to a lot of cushion (and maybe a little bit of support or guidance) but who is considering getting a little closer to the ground.  The “nav band” wraps the arch to give a supportive feel, but the low profile midsole hasn’t been manipulated to provide any actual stability.

Men's PureConnect

Women's PureConnect

The runner who is ready to take the plunge and go as minimal as possible will look to the PureConnect to be the product that brings them closest to earth.  These sweet lookin’ kicks are the lightest weight and most flexible shoes in the PureProject series.

For a sneak peak, drop by today and see what the PureProject is about!  We’ll also have samples at Bikes, Bands, and Block Parties on the Greenline if you’ll be in that neck of the woods on Saturday.

To try ’em on, though, you’ll have to wait until 10am Saturday.  Get here early – some of them are already claimed!


May you run like the wind,




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