If Sir Isaac Newton Were Alive Today And Running…

1 11 2011

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton walked the same Earth as his peers and colleagues.  He breathed the same air and ate the same fruit.  What exactly made him different than his contemporaries?  American financier Bernard Baruch answered this question when he pointed out that “millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the first to ask why.”

Newton Running is a driving force in designing footwear that mimics the movement of the bare foot and is the first running brand to introduce the ideas of Natural Running Form to runners worldwide.  If alive today, Baruch might have noticed that millions have seen feet running, but Newton Running was the first to ask why.  Their commitment to natural running is unparalleled in an industry wrought with brands vying for a natural/minimalist running story.  We at Fleet Feet Sports here in Memphis are thrilled to announce the introduction of Newton Running footwear in our shop!

Newton Running shoes were designed to simulate the efficient, natural motion of barefoot running while providing superior protection from unnatural surfaces.  Newton strives to be an information center for better running form, injury prevention and training.

Men's Distance

Drop by and check out our new selection of Newton Running product.  We are currently carrying the Gravity, the Distance and the Momentum for Men and Women.  We are excited to have Newton Running and are certainly excited to talk about it!

Join The Revolution!



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