St. Jude Preview – the View from 6′

12 11 2011

marathon-sized tip sheet

This screen is blank today, but on Tuesday night, it will be full of photos, films, helpful hints, and insider tips about the St Jude Marathon weekend.

You’ve chosen your plan, done the training, modified your diet, learned how to stretch and found an affinity for ice baths.  You’ve found great socks and perfectly fit running shoes…  BUT what’s your race day plan?  The hay is in the barn (or that’s what everyone is saying), but what do you do with it?

course (& coffee)

Here’s a view of the course from 10,000 (or so) feet.  It has the start and finish lines marked and the route in between.  It indicates the Mississippi River, Overton Park, and some Memphis landmarks to keep an eye out for, and it says that aid stations are located about every 1.5 miles.

But it doesn’t tell you any of this:

  • Where do I get my number?
  • What’s the weather going to be?
  • Where will all of these thousands of runners park?
  • What’s a gear check?
  • Where are the bathrooms?
  • Is the course hilly?
  • What’s that big red heart on that building?
  • Where should my family go to see me?
  • How will I find them when it’s over?

Now that's inspiration!

At 7pm on Tuesday, November 15th, Kevin Leathers of Can’t Stop Endurance will be on hand with the answers to all these questions and many more!  He’ll go through virtually every step you need to take on marathon weekend.  The packet pickup.  The expo.  Race morning routines.  Navigating downtown.  Where the hills are.  Where the turns are.  This seminar will be the view of the course from about 6 (or so) feet – much more real and meaningful!

Drop by a little early to be sure to grab a seat and some snacks!  We’ll also have some demonstrations about what to wear on race day for different conditions and how to pack a finish line gear check bag.

Go, Runners, Go!

This Course Preview seminar is brought to you as a part of the St. Jude Heroes program.  It is free and open to anyone interested in being prepared for any of the St. Jude weekend races!

See you at the preview (and then later on the course)!

And may you run like the wind!



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