What’s All This Body Glide Talk?

21 11 2011

If you’ve already discovered the world of Body Glide, you’re exempt from reading this post. But if you haven’t met one of the biggest game changers in running, let us introduce you.

With many of you training for the St. Jude half and full marathons, we’ve had a number of customers come in having problems with blisters, chaffing, etc.

Well, we have the solution.

Meet, Body Glide. Body Glide is a wax-based balm that helps to prevent chafing  during exercise (and during everyday activities!). It creates a non-sticky barrier on the surface of the skin against friction and moisture. Body Glide applies like a deodorant, is odorless, and it won’t stain your clothing.

So, where do you put Body Glide? Just about anywhere! On your feet to prevent rubbing and sores. Or if you already have blisters, apply some Body Glide on them to prevent any additional rubbing. Put it between your thighs to prevent irritation. Ladies, you can put it on your sports bra band. Body Glide can also be beneficial on rainy days, when you have excess moisture on your body.

Literally anywhere you experience any kind of friction or irritation, apply some Body Glide, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t believe us, just try it!


May You Run Like the Wind










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