17 01 2012

Too small? Too big? Uncomfortable? Bad sound quality? If any of these describe your earphones, you’re missing out.

yurbuds sport earphones come in a wide range of sizes and lock into place—which means no more fidgeting with your earphones or wearing something that doesn’t fit your ears properly.

yurbuds are also sweat and water resistant and provide awesome sound quality. Come by and check them out. They retail for $30.



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14 05 2012
Lirenar Design

I was curious about Yurbuds after seeing the new billboards in the San Francisco BART train stations last week. I’ve checked them out online and they seem like a charm. I ride public transportation and hate the earbuds always falling out of my ears. I’m heading to Best Buy to check them out live & in person and get sized for a personal pair! (Will post again with an update after I’ve been using them).

15 05 2012


They do work very well. I have a drawer at home that is a graveyard of various devices that we supposed to painlessly ride in my ears, but none of them stayed in comfortably. We never carry products that don’t work, so we tried them first and were so pleased that we began stocking them in the store. I use mine 4-5 hours a week – they are very comfortable, don’t fall out, and allow me to hear what’s going on around me while listening to my music.

I’m not exactly certain, but I believe that the versions of Yurbuds sold at Best Buy are not sized. I could be wrong, but that was the case when we began carrying them. From what I remember, the sized versions are only sold through specialty stores, and the ones in big box stores are all size 5. That being said, size 5 is the most popular (or “average”) size, so you have a good chance that they will work. If they don’t have samples to try, though, I’d make the time investment of finding a specialty store – the price should be about the same and you will get the right fit. The Fleet Feet Sports store in San Fransisco is listed as a dealer, so you might drop by there. If you do, tell Brett and Kim that I said “Hi.”

Take care,

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