Post-run Recovery Tools

20 02 2012

You’ve put in a long, hard run.  All you want to do is lounge on the couch. But before you relax, there are a few things you can do post-run to help have a faster recovery.

-Refuel! Make sure you replenish fluids and electrolytes. What you eat in the first 24 hours after a hard run or a race is crucial to recovering. You may also want to consider a recovery drink such as Hammer Recoverite, which minimizes muscle soreness and helps rebuild muscle tissue.

-Stretch and stretch well. Your legs and muscles will be most receptive to stretching immediately after your run, but stretching the next day can also be beneficial . Post-run stretching should include static stretches, where the muscles are elongated and stretches are held for a minimum of 30 seconds.

– If you’re having any pain or soreness, take an ice bath. They’re not always pleasant, but ice baths help reduce inflammation as well as reduce tissue breakdown. If you can’t handle the cold, try putting bags of frozen vegetables on sore muscles.

For more recovery tips, feel free to ask us!



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