Fleet Feet

Free Yoga Classes

Fleet Feet is thrilled to host 1-2 FREE yoga classes per month! The classes will be held Sunday evenings at 5:15pm. Check our Facebook page, Twitter or calendar of events for dates.

The classes are provided by our Fleet Feet Yoga instructor, Lisa Brink Warmuth.

The classes are specifically designed for athletes and runners, although everyone is welcome!  Cycling, running and other sports can make certain muscles and areas tight, which is where yoga comes into play. Whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you’re a more experienced yogi, we invite you to come check out our classes!

More About Lisa

Lisa Warmuth is an RYT 200 certified yoga teacher and teaches at various studios around town.  She recently passed her RRCA Certified Run Coach exam as well.  She loves to marry her two passions of yoga and running.  Lisa walked into her first yoga class while training for her 3rd marathon and was hooked. Having completed 4 full marathons, 14 half marathons and a handful of 25k trail events, she understands the desire for the power off the mat and how that can make the body feel.  She also likes to educate runners on which yoga poses are lengthening which running muscles.  Her classes are both relaxing and challenging.  Take the fear or mystique out of yoga and give it a try!