Montrail Sandals

22 05 2012

Summer is just around the corner, and here at Fleet Feet, that means we begin to see more and more cases of plantar fasciitis. Wearing non-supportive flip flops and going barefoot by the pool are just a couple of ways to ignite plantar fasciitis.

One tool to prevent plantar pain while getting the comfort of a sandal is to invest in a pair of Montrail sandals. Unlike traditional flip flops, Montrail sandals offer great arch support. And they’re thermo-moldable…meaning you can stick them in the oven, bake them for a few minutes, and then stand on them so that they mold to your feet (don’t worry…they come with instructions)! Pretty cool stuff.

We carry several models including the Molokini, Lithia Loop and the Lithia Slide in a wide range of colors. Prices range from $55-$60. Come check them out…we promise you’ll love them.



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1 06 2012
Summer and Plantar Faciitis « Fleet Feet Sports

[…] Wear shoes that have support. If you like wearing flip flops and sandals, consider some from Montrail or another brand that offer exceptional arch […]

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