Summer and Plantar Faciitis

1 06 2012

The beginning of summer sparks what we call “Plantar Fasciitis Season” at Fleet Feet. If you’re lucky enough to have never suffered with plantar fasciitis, here is a brief rundown: The plantar fascia connects your heel to your toes, supporting the arch of your foot. If this ligament is torn, stressed or irritated, the heel and/or bottom of your foot hurts when you walk, stand or run.

So, how does summertime have an effect on plantar fasciitis?

Summertime Footwear (or Non-Footwear): Wearing non-supportive flip flops and other sandals rather than shoes with orthotic support puts more strain on muscles and tendons with every step you take. Plus anytime you’re barefoot (think by the pool or on the beach in the summer), you’re putting added stress on the plantar fascia, which can ignite plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Activity: Repetitive stress on the heels can also trigger plantar fasciitis. Most people are more active in the summer, taking vacations and being outside, and that repeated new activity can make plantar fasciitis symptoms occur.

So how can you protect your feet during the summer?

– Wear shoes that have support. If you like wearing flip flops and sandals, consider some from Montrail or another brand that offer exceptional arch support.

– Avoid going barefoot.

– Do stretches that strengthen the Achilles tendon.

– Write the alphabet with your toes prior to activity. This loosens the ligaments in the lower leg and feet.

– Roll the arch of your foot on a tennis ball to stretch the ligament.

If you have any questions, just let us know!



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