Forerunner 10 – The New Smaller, Lighter Garmin

17 09 2012

Garmin Forerunner 10 in Pink & White

If you’ve been saying, since 2004, “I’m going to wait for Garmins to get smaller and cheaper,” today is your day!


Everyone wanted to leave work and head for a run the day that the Forerunner 210 arrived here eight years ago.  We were so excited to try out this new “watch” that would not only tell us how long we’d been running but would also give us real-time pace, current distance, average pace, and would draw a map of where we’d gone.

The only drawback was that it was big.  Really big.  And ugly.  It really didn’t look like a watch at all.  We didn’t really care, though.  It was COOL!

Early adopters aside, many runners opted to wait – the price will come down (it didn’t)  – it’s going to get smaller (maybe it did – a little bit).

With its evolution, Garmin kept adding features both internal an external that most never needed, some seldom used, and often caused headaches.  Remember the touch bezel on the Forerunner 405 – ugh!

Fresh out of the box here at Fleet Feet Sports in Sunny Memphis is the Forerunner 10.  Light, thin, and easy to use.  There are lots of standard features.  It tracks time, distance, pace.  It allows you to program a virtual pacer to help you maintain the pace you want.  It downloads your runs and maps your route.  There are a few new simple features, too.  It beeps at you with every mile and momentarily highlights that time.  Garmin claims that the Forerunner 10 will give you atta-boys when you attain different achievements like setting a new mile PR (personal record) or covering a new longest distance.  It has a run/walk feature if that’s your plan, too.  AND old-schoolers will appreciate that it has BUTTONS.  All for $130!

One final plus is a cosmetic one – it’s small.  The same size as your regular ol’ stopwatch.  Which means that, especially for the ladies, you won’t look like you’re dressing like Wonder Woman for your run – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Early Garmin Forerunners, though not gold, were about the same size as these bracelets.

LONG DISTANCE RUNNERS (and walkers) BEWARE – the smaller size is possible because of a smaller battery.  Garmin lists the battery life during use as “5 hours in training mode.”  If you’re planning to do some longer events, there may be some better choices.  (The 210 and 610 will last 8 hours, and the 910xt will last up to 20 hours.)

Drop by and check ’em out when you get a chance!



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