Etsy Junky

21 09 2012

Etsy junky.  That’s me.  My latest purchase was a belt buckle.

Earlier today, I was informed, by one of my employees, that the belt buckle fad is over, but I suppose I’m not really “with it.”  Holding
up my jeans right now is a gold buckle that reads “Nike Country” on a belt depicting Mt. Hood , ocean beaches, and the state of Oregon.  It’s from a limited edition collection long gone.

Removed from jeans temporarily for picture purposes.

On the book shelf next to me is another belt buckle.  It’s for finishing a 50-mile race along the Wolf River.  I’m quite proud of it.  I can’t remember my time (I can only tell you that I had a great time!), but I can tell you that there were not a ton of people running that “race” that day.  That buckle is my trophy for completing my day’s worth of running in between a start line and a finish line drawn in dirt.

This latest find is a little different.  It’s not a large, golden homage to the heritage of a running company whose shoes I’ve run in since ’86.  It’s not a personal trophy.

I know. I should be a hand model.

“I jog the marathons.”  Haven’t seen that sticker on any car windows.  Yet.

If you don’t know etsy, Google it.

Don’t look for any marathon jogger belt buckles, though.   I beat you to ‘em.


May you run like the wind,




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