Nike Structure 16: Completely New Innovation

15 10 2012

Enter the Nike Structure Triax 16.  Nike’s flagship stability product has seen many changes during its 17-year lifespan.  2012 ushers in the most dramatic change this franchise has seen and is poised to redirect the way running footwear approaches the stability shoe category.  Innovation in the Structure 16 comes in the form of the subtraction of the very technologies that changed the industry in its early years.

The Structure 16 story begins with removal of superfluous materials in the upper of the shoe.  Nike’s lightweight mesh upper has been perfected to provide support exactly where the foot needs it without the use of heavy overlays.  The lightweight, breathable mesh, also used in the Breathe series of shoes, helps to reduce shoe weight without compromising fit or integrity.

The most compelling facet of the Structure Triax 16 story is in the midsole/outsole changes.  Nike has removed, yes removed, both the medial post and the use of Air in the heel.  What!?  Is that even possible?  Conventional shoe wisdom tells us that this is crazy.  And conventional is usually no fun.  Right?

Nike’s Dynamic Support midsole allows for unparalleled shock attenuation and stability without the use of Air or a traditional medial post.  The co-molded dual-density midsole (seen above) provides cushioning and stability through the engineering of the foams and the use of ergonomics to enhance the foot’s natural mechanics.  The Structure Triax 16 does still include Zoom Air in the forefoot for added cushioning and durability.  The changes in technology make for a Structure that is 15% lighter than the previous generation.  The Men’s shoe weighs in at 10.5oz for a size 10 and the Women’s comes in at 8.7oz for a size 8.

So what do these changes mean to the user of the Structure 16?  Nike has created a stability product that provides all of the protection of a conventional product but in a shoe that feels completely unconventional.  The construction of the Structure 16 promotes a smoother transition and more efficient ride compared to shoes in this category.  Basically Nike has created a stability shoe that doesn’t feel like a stability shoe.  The Structure 16 is light, nimble, and begs to taken out on many a comfortable run.  How’s that for innovation?

Women’s $110

Men’s $110



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