Happy Measure Your Feet Day

23 01 2013
Cheers to you, Brannock!

Cheers to you, Brannock Device!

Do we really need a day for this?  Apparently so.  If your feet don’t feel good, nothing is going to feel good, and the problem is usually linked to shoe size.

It happens all the time.  A new customer comes in, we ask her to take off her shoes, we pull out a Brannock Device, and she says “I haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid!”

The biggest mistake people make when they purchase running shoes on their own, is that they get their shoes too small.  Too short.  Too narrow.  Ouch!  Most folks haven’t had their feet measured since visiting Buster Browns‘.  Are any of us the same size and shape that we were at that age?

Another reason we measure is because when we ask a guy what size shoes he wears, we don’t know if that his his dress shoe size or his athletic shoe size.  This gives us a starting line.  Often he’ll say, (for example) “I’m a 10.  When he steps on the Brannock, his left foot measures a 10, and his right is a 10 1/2.  Is he a an anomaly?  Nope.  This is why his right foot constantly has issues.  We normally go up a full size from the longest foot, so this example will probably get size 11.5 running shoes, and his feet will feel much better.

No woes with these toes!

No woes for these toes!

We also measure because it allows us to see what’s going on with those feet.  We can see bunions, irritations, blisters, callouses.  It can give us a lot of information that helps us to help you choose the right pair of shoes.

“But my loafers are 10s, and they feel fine.”  Why?  Because your loafers are sized differently.  And the leather stretches.  And you aren’t running in them.  If your tootsies are going to sleep at work, though, it might be time for a larger size in them, too.

“A bigger size will give me blisters – I need to be supported.”  Absolutely false.  In sports with lots of side-to-side movement, the athlete might like a more snug fit, but this is running (and walking).  The heel or midfoot (in most cases) hits the ground, and as the foot rolls forward, the forefoot expands.  There needs to be room in the front of the shoes to accommodate that.  Do you run or walk far?  An hour or more?  You might need to go even BIGGER!

Too cute for too small of shoes!

Too cute for too small of shoes!

While guys are usually the most trouble when it comes to looking past the color of their shoes, it is the gals who resist going up in size most often.  “I have NEVER been a size 9, and I’m not going to start today!”  Our favorite quote on this subject is from Dolly Parton:  “In a good shoe, I’m a six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size 8.”

So drop by, put your weary dogs on our Brannock, and let your freak feet flag FLY!



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