National Nutrition Month: Nutrition on the Run

7 03 2013


It’s National Nutrition Month as well as the beginning of racing season here in the South, so we put together a few guidelines for proper fueling on the run:

  • Drink 4-6 ounces of fluid every 15-20 minutes to replace sweat loss and maintain blood volume.  Be sure to drink according to the schedule and not according to thirst.

Runs lasting longer than an hour require carbohydrate ingestion in order to maintain sufficient concentration of blood glucose for energy production.  It is recommended to ingest 30-60 grams of carbohydrates per hour based on body weight of the individual.  This is most easily achieved by taking one packet of energy gel or a serving of energy chews every 30-45 minutes with water.

A 120 lb. individual would take one gel or energy chew serving every 45 minutes

A 200 lb. individual would take one gel or energy chew serving every 30 minutes

There are also liquid calorie options that provide the equivalent nutritional value per 20 ounces of fluid.  These products are great for those who simply cannot stomach gels or the idea of eating on the run.

Be cautious of mixing gels/chews with sports drinks.  This combination will often create too high a concentration of sugars and can easily lead to stomach distress.  Remember to use water with gels/chews.

And remember…

Never, never, never try something new on race day.  Try gels, bars, energy chews and sports drinks during training to know what works for you.  ONLY use products on race day that have been used in training.  Remember that you need to eat adequately to maintain performance.  And always be sure to balance calories in for calories out to achieve peak performance.

Not sure where to start? Swing by the store and one of our staff members can answer any questions you have!



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