We’re Closing Early for another Fleet Feet Wedding (April 20th at 4pm)

19 04 2013


Another reason that a number of the staff think that Fleet Feet Sports is special is because it’s where they found their mate, and, in light of these pending nuptials, I thought I’d draw attention to some of the bonds that have been made here.  So, in no particular order…


When Tommy (not in the photo) realized how awesome it was to work here, he convinced his friend Richie to join the team.  Although Richie is more of a cyclist who also runs, he’s pretty fleet on his feet.  If we can get him to get his toes off the pedals, you fast guys better watch out!  Anna is one of our regular fun run folks and the two of them make a quick couple.  They’re the reason that we’re closing early this weekend, so direct any complaints their way.  They’ll get right back to you – after the honeymoon.

706053_550013382645_1156903151_oJason and Carolyn Zermeno met while working here.  They both came aboard with intentions of being missionaries in Africa one day, and, after meeting and marrying, that’s exactly what they did – TOGETHER!  While neither of them have been on staff for a while, they’re still family to us.


Taylor was my first hire ten years ago.  He worked here while finishing at Christian Brothers High School, during summers and breaks while at Millsaps, and when he could fit it in during PT school.  When we stole Britt away from grad school, she met her man, and they are set to wed this summer.


Feb and Stacey – well they didn’t meet here.  Actually, they met while working together at Breakaway back when it was in the old house on Union Ave.  Feb has been on staff here since 1996 and, during some of that time, Stacey has been on the time clock, too.  Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see their two lovely little girls running around here.


The Nicolsi family are no strangers to Fleet Feet.  We worked for a couple of seasons to get Libby’s smiling face on the staff, but little did we know about her seeing a guy who was also pretty familiar with the store.  Owen Harris is the son of Stephen and Paula Harris who originally opened Fleet Feet Sports in Memphis wayyyy back in 1993.  We celebrated the wedding of Libby and Owen last winter – how things change!


If you read our last newsletter, you already know that Robin and I met while I was working here looong ago.  Robin came in one day looking for a Slipstream bottle (we were into triathlons back then) because a co-worker of mine had told her a that we carried them – she wanted us to meet.  A Big SHOUT OUT to Jill Williams Joiner – that little white lie paid off!


Jill and I were working together here when she met Matt.  It’s been so many years, I can’t remember how they met, but I do remember that Jill couldn’t believe that this guy didn’t eat ANY meat.  Y’ALL!  “And he PURE carried a spider that he found in his sink outside instead of smashing it with a paper towel!”  Matt won her over, though, and a few weeks later she brought in a box containing leather belts, birkenstocks, and the like.

Looking for a mate?  Maybe it’s time you joined one of our weekly runs or sent us a resume.  We don’t list marital bliss as an employment benefit, but it seems that we could.

Take care, Y’all, and may you run like the wind,


PS.  We’ll have another wedding this year – Rachel (who handles the part of the Fleet Feet world that exists behind the green vine wall) and Zach!  While they didn’t meet here, I would be remiss if I left out this cute pic!




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19 04 2013

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