National Running Safety Month

27 10 2013

November is National Running Safety Month, and, especially with the time change coming up this weekend, we wanted to take an opportunity to remind everyone of common safety guidelines for when you’re out on the roads or trails.

photo (3)

– Pick a well-lit, well-traveled route.

– Make sure you run against traffic and choose roads that have bike lanes or sidewalks.

– Keep ID on you, whether it’s your license or a RoadID.

– In the dark, consider reflective clothing or accessories. We stock a number of items to help make you more visible from lights to vests and arm warmers.

– Run with a buddy or group if possible. There’s always safety in numbers.

– Let someone know your route and when to expect you to return. It’s important that someone knows your whereabouts.

– If running alone, it’s also a good idea to carry a phone with you.

– Be aware of your surroundings. Make note of who is around and trust your intuition about people and situations.

– Change your running routes and patterns.

– Note where businesses, fire stations, etc. are located on your route.

– Avoid wearing headphones or use only one earbud and keep the volume low so you can hear traffic and emergency vehicles.

Do you have any other running safety tips? We’d love to hear them!



One response

29 10 2013
Jeannie Oliver

Great safety tips!

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