The 411 on Compression Socks/Sleeves

28 10 2013

“Should I get socks or sleeves?”

“Will these help with my shin splints?”


Here’s the 411 on  everything compression.

Socks: We think socks work better for recovery. They help your muscles recover from a hard workout as quickly as possible by increasing circulation and reducing lactic acid build-up. Slip a pair on after a long run and wear them for up to 24 hours following your effort.

Sleeves: Sleeves typically work better for runners who want to wear compression during their workout. This will allow them to still wear their socks of choice, while still having the benefits of compression.

Does compression help?

There are lots of compression choices out there, and in testing and trying them all, we have narrowed our selection to two brands:  Zensah and CEP.

Zensah comes in an array of bright colors and customers like to match them to their shoes and clothes.  The amount of compression that they provide supports the tissues of the lower leg, and we liken it to a firm hug for those muscles.
The compression provided by CEP is graduated (it changes along the length of the piece) and is medical grade.  CEP manufactures their products with such a high level of compression because their intent is to improve blood flow – and consequently the delivery of oxygen and nutrients – in the lower legs.  In fact, the compression is high enough that we suggest using socks rather than sleeves to prevent pooling of blood in the feet.  We’ve also found that folks who fly or who are on their feet a lot for work enjoy their benefits as well.

Well, which ones should I try?

We carry sleeves from Zensah (in a ton of fun colors), and both sleeves and socks from CEP.

Any questions about compression? Stop by and ask anyone on staff!



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