Kids Run Memphis: Summer Running Camp 2014

26 01 2014

June 2-6, 2014


Ages 8-11


Fleet Feet’s certified running coach will teach your child the basics of running and fitness during this positive and fun week-long camp. The group will meet behind Shady Grove Elementary, where they will also have access to the gym and facilities if needed. The camp will end with a 1-mile graduation fun run Saturday, June 7.

Cost: $100 per child, $80 each additional child

For more information, e-mail

To register, click here.

What parents say about our kid’s camp:

“The Fleet Feet running camp was an awesome experience for my son. He learned about nutrition; the importance of warming up, cooling down, stretching and when to do these things; proper form; and how and why to keep a log of all these things. All the activities, such as games and races, were age appropriate and always fun! The staff was cheerful and obviously loved running and working with the kids. My son came out of the camp loving to run more than he already did when he started the week.”- Rachel R.



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