Fit Feature: Children’s Knowledge Station

27 02 2014

Ever wish you could work out at work? That’s exactly what the teachers at Children’s Knowledge Station get to do.


Children’s Knowledge Station is a privately-owned Christian Pre-School in Bartlett that strives to keep both their parents and teachers in shape spiritually and physically. The school has a fitness instructor, Josh Nix, who goes to the center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for an hour fitness class called “Daycare Bootcamp.” The classes have been going on for a little over a year, and they extend the invitation to any parents who would like to participate as well. Classes are held in the main hallway during the kids’ nap time, and all rooms are covered so teachers who want to participate are able to.  The team of teachers also shares healthy recipes with each other in hopes to counteract  the sweets that the children bring to school.   Not only are the teachers and parents getting and staying in shape with the bootcamp class, but they’re setting a great example for the kids.

Kudos to the Children’s Knowledge Station for their commitment to health and fitness!



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