5 Do’s and Don’t’s for Race Day

15 08 2014

As the Road Race Series is in full swing, and many of you are training for various fall races from 5k’s to marathons, we thought we would put together some helpful tips to get the most out of your race day experience:



Hydrate and fuel well leading up to a race. It’s not necessary to “carb load” for a 5K or 10K, but eat good, nutritious food leading up to race day and make sure to drink plenty of water in the days before the race. And for longer races such as half and full marathons, incorporate more carbs into your diet the week leading up to the race. Not necessarily more food, but foods that have more carbs in them.

Remember racing etiquette. If you need to walk or slow down, move toward the right shoulder so as not to cause a traffic jam. Use only one earbud or have your music turned down low enough to hear traffic as well as oncoming runners. And start at a place in the line that makes sense for your goals and pace. The quicker runners tend to line up at the start line with slower runners and walkers as well as strollers (if allowed) toward the back.

Have a dress rehearsal (or two). Use a longer run leading up to the race to practice for actual race day. Wear what you plan to wear and eat what you plan to eat the morning and night before the race. Make sure there won’t be any surprises on race day.

Thank the volunteers and law enforcement. A quick “thank you” will go a long way to these individuals who give up their early mornings to cheer you on and make sure you’re safe.

Take a change of clothes and shoes. You’ll want to hang around after at the post-race festivities, but no one wants to be stuck in wet, sweaty clothes.


Don’t try anything new on race day. No new food. No new clothing and definitely not new shoes.

Don’t start off too fast. It’s easy to let your adrenaline rush cause you to start out too fast and then lose fuel later in the race. Shoot for negative splits, or speeding up throughout the race to finish faster than you started.

Don’t stop the second you cross the finish line. Keep moving so as not to cause a backup in the finish line chute.

Don’t litter. Taking a gel in the race? Don’t just throw it on the ground. Put it back in your pouch to discard after the race or find a trash can nearby.

Don’t forget to have fun! Remember why you run in the first place. Have fun, smile, show good sportsmanship and enjoy yourself.



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15 08 2014

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Quick and easy tips to improve your race day experience, regardless of your running level.

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