“How Do I Know When My Shoes Are Worn Out?”

18 09 2014


A frequent question we get around the store this time of year is, “How do I  know when my shoes are worn out?” Well, there are several ways to tell and keep track of when it’s time to freshen up your shoes.

1. Are they really flexible? If you can bend your shoes pretty easily, that means the cushioning is likely worn out.

2. Is the tread on the bottom worn? The cushioning and shock absorption in the mid-sole of the shoe will wear out before the durable sole of the shoe. If there’s extensive wear on the sole, you should consider replacing them.

3. Do you keep track of mileage? Most traditional running shoes last between 350-550 miles, depending on wear and tear and build of the runner. If you’re nearing the upper end of the recommended mileage, it’s probably time to invest in a new pair.

4. Having any unusual aches or pains? Your body usually does a good job of telling you when there’s not enough cushioning left in the shoes. Some people get lower back pain, others feel it in their shins or arches. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

5. Can you see creases in the cushioning? Eventually the cushioning will compress and won’t bounce back after a run or workout. Significant creases in the cushioning mean the mid-sole is worn out.

“But I’m running St. Jude! When should I buy another pair? Should I wait until after the race?”

We recommended purchasing a new pair about 1 month prior to race day. This will allow you to put some miles on the shoes without wearing them down significantly. You don’t want race day to be the first day you try out a new pair, but you don’t want to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles on a pair that’s on its last leg.

Have any questions about shoes or training? Come by and ask anyone on staff!



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18 09 2014

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A question all of us runners have asked at least once!

21 09 2014
Vishal M

Thanks a lot for these tips. I was about to plan for buying new shoes but I was not sure whether or not I replace my old ones with new ones. Your tips really helped me take right decision.

Especially your first tip is really true. The old shoes tend to bend very fast which means its cushioning is wearing out. I had the similar experience with my old one.

By the ways I really liked your blog. Keep it up and wish you good luck.



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