Must-have Running Gadgets for Fall 2014

19 10 2014

Running is one of the most cost-effective sports there is– you really only need running shoes and some athletic apparel to hit the road and get in a workout. But there are a number of gadgets and accessories that can definitely enhance your run, making it more enjoyable, comfortable, and possibly even speedier.

Whether it’s keeping track of your pace or making sure you’re seen at night, there are several pieces of gear that can help runners get the most out of their training.

vivofit: We’ve all heard of FitBits, but the vivofit, designed by Garmin, is a little bit more sophisticated. Have you ever been curious about just how many steps you cover in a day?  Or maybe how many calories you have burned today?  The vivofit offers heart rate monitor capability along with sleep and activity tracking. Plus, it integrates with Garmin Connect for all you Garmin junkies out there.

GPS watches 2GPS watches: GPS watches from Garmin, Nike and Soleus offer runners the ability to see real-time pace, average pace per mile, distance and, in some cases, set intervals as well as see cadence and other metrics. Some of these watches are so intuitive they’ll basically all but go on your run for you.

LightSpur: A popular safety gadget this season from Nathan, these lights clip to the back of your shoe so that others can see you when running at night or early morning. There are also vests, handheld lights, clip-on apparel lights and other reflective options to stay safe in the dark.

Electronics Carry Cases: For those who carry a phone for music (or emergencies) on their run, arm bands and hand-held holders make it easy to carry your electronics with you.  Details that include additional storage, touch sensitive windows and size offerings make for several great options.

Flipbelt: From keys to Gu, a phone or even pepper spray, Flipbelts offer plenty of storage to carry just about anything you would need with you on a long run or race. Two entry points make it easy to insert items, then simply flip the belt over to keep them safe and secure while on yourOakley and Tifosi glasses 2 run.

Shades:  Tifosi and Oakley both offer models that provide polarized lenses to help reduce glare. Select models from Tifosi also come with multiple lenses to interchange depending on the sunlight and conditions.

Earbuds: If you choose to safely tune in and tune out while you run, you know it’s difficult to find comfortable headphones that stay in place. Yurbuds specializes in earbuds for athletes that come in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit.  Their unique design allows ambient noise to filter through your audio.

What are your go-to gadgets?



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