What do you run in when it’s cold? A gym? Heck no!

7 01 2015
Staying warm when it's cold

Keeping warm in the cold

Do you run in the cold?  The bitter cold?  This time of year, we’re happy not to be under a blanket of snow like our runner friends in Buffalo.







If you’re seven days into your streak, or you’ve got a mileage goal for the year, or you just need to get out ’cause running is what you do, you’re going to need the right gear for the run.  Here it is:

Craft Baselayer

Craft Baselayer

1.  Base layer.  It’s tough to find a better base layer than the ones made by Craft.  These folks are born in nordic conditions.  They were bred on the skis.  It’s thin, but trust us – it works.

Nike Element 1/2 Zip

Nike Element 1/2 Zip

2.  Thermal Layer.  We love higher collars and half-zips.  Zip it all the way up when you head out the door, and drop the zipper when you warm up.  Buttery soft and a little fleec-y, they’ll keep you cozy.

Patagonia Houdini Pulllover

Patagonia Houdini Pulllover

3.  Windproof.  Your body generates the heat, and the layers keep it in.  If the wind is blowing, though, you’ll lose that heat quickly.  No need to get too fancy or thick with this layer, though.  Keeping it light means you’re carrying less, and, every ounce counts.  Patagonia is pictured here, but we also similar jackets from Brooks, Nike, and Mountain Hardwear.

Sugio MidZero Zap Tights

Sugio MidZero Zap Tights

4.  Warmer tights or pants.  The pants pictured here are built by Sugoi – a Canadian company with it’s roots in cycling.  Want to get cold?  Ride a bike in a Canadian winter.  Want to stay warm?  Wear these tights.  They’re knit so tightly that they’re almost considered windproof, and they’re brushed soft and fleecy on the inside.

Hats and Gloves from Smartwool

Smartwool Hats & Gloves

5.  Cover your ears, hands, and neck.  We like Smartwool.  Correction:  we LOVE Smartwool!  Gloves, Hats, and Gaiters, OH MY!  Wool maintains it’s thermal properties even when it’s wet.  And if you warm up, stow your gloves and hat in your pocket.  What’s a neck gaiter?  It’s like a scarf to run in – cover your face when your cold and keep it around your neck when you’re not.

What about your feet?  Well, they may be cold.  You might invest in some windproof shoes, but they’re hard to find, pricey, and they don’t come in a great variety.  Wool socks will help, and we like Smartwool here, too.

With this system, you will be cold when you step out the door, but you’ll warm before the first mile is done.

See you in the parks and on the pathways!



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